ISO 13959:2009
Water for haemodialysis and related therapies
Reference number
ISO 13959:2009
Edición 2
ISO 13959:2009
Retirada (Edición 2, 2009)


ISO 13959:2009 specifies minimum requirements for water to be used in the preparation of concentrates, dialysis fluids for haemodialysis, haemodiafiltration and haemofiltration and for the reprocessing of haemodialysers.

ISO 13959:2009 does not address the operation of water treatment equipment nor the final mixing of treated water with concentrates to produce the dialysis fluids used in such therapies. That operation is the sole responsibility of dialysis professionals.

ISO 13959:2009 does not apply to dialysis fluid regenerating systems.

Informaciones generales

  •  : Retirada
     : 2009-04
    : Retirada de la Norma Internacional [95.99]
  •  : 2
     : 13
  • ISO/TC 150/SC 2
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