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Standard and/or project Stage TC
Advanced technical ceramics — Unified classification system
95.99 ISO/TC 206
Glass and glass-ceramics — Knoop hardness test
90.93 ISO/TC 172/SC 3
Chemical analysis of refractory material glass and glazes — Determination of Fe2+ and Fe3+ by the spectral photometric method with 1,10-phenanthroline
90.92 ISO/TC 33
Determination of boron (III) oxide in refractory products — Part 1: Determination of total boron (III) oxide in oxidic materials for ceramics, glass and glazes
90.93 ISO/TC 33
Determination of boron(III) oxide in refractory products — Part 2: Acid extraction method for the determination of boron(III) oxide in binder components
90.93 ISO/TC 33

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