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    Mr Jonas Boye
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  • Менеджер ИСО по техническим программам [TPM]:
    Ms Isabelle Vega
    Менеджер ИСО по редакционным программам [EM]:
    Mr Arun ABY Paraecattil
  • Дата создания : 2024

Область деятельности

Standardization of

  • all furniture for laboratory purposes,
  • ventilated and chemical/gas storage cupboards, cabinets and fume containment devices as well as laboratory associated ventilation with respect to principles and to materials of construction, product safety, performance, dimensions and testing, as well as to terms and definitions for use in connection therewith.


  • general furniture included in the scope of ISO/TC 136
  • integration of equipment in laboratories

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Дата Меяц Местоположение ТК/ПК Примечание
25 September 2024 Caparica (Portugal) ISO/TC 48/SC 9  

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