ISO/FDIS 9869-3
ISO/FDIS 9869-3
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The method of observing the condition of the insulation layer with visual inspection and also themethod of measuring the thermal conduction or resistance of the insulation layer, of the buildingelements such as exterior wall, floor, ceiling, etc. (hereinafter, walls) in the field is described.The proposed method is divided into the quantitative method which measures the thermal resistanceand the thermal conductivity with the heat flow measurement, and the qualitative method without heatflow measurement. The former quantitative method can apply not only the insulation layer but alsowhole throughout wall.This document especially aims to test the furnished insulation layer in the walls. It demonstrates ascreening test with drilling a small diameter borehole through the walls with the presumed insulationlayer. Visual inspection with a borescope and measuring the temperature distribution by inserting thetemperature sensor, the qualitative futures of the insulation layer is evaluated. Adding themeasurement of the heat flow rate, thermal conductance (resistance) is quantitively evaluated.

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    91.120.10 Thermal insulation of buildings

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