ISO/AWI 37200
Managing the risk of modern slavery. Guidelines for the prevention, identification and mitigation of human trafficking and forced labour
Reference number
ISO/AWI 37200
Edition 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 37200
A working group has prepared a draft.


This document will provide organizations with guidance for managing the risk of human trafficking, forced labour and modern slavery including prevention, identification, response, remediation, mitigation, and reporting in its operations, supply chains and its wider operating environment. It will include: - overview of governance issues (direction, oversight and accountability); - terms and definitions; - preparing statements for reporting requirements or providing voluntary statements; - advice and how to respond to issues. It is intended to help organizations ensure they are acting responsibly and ethically by providing: • a holistic approach to addressing human trafficking, forced labour and modern slavery (HTFLMS) that puts people at the heart of an organization; • effective management of the risk of HTFLMS. The potential benefits of this standard include: • demonstration of organizational commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) which helps build confidence in your organization’s governance and ethics; • positive business reputation; • increased confidence and customer loyalty, as consumers seek businesses with higher ethical standards; • greater ability to attract talent and staff retention; • protecting workers’ mental and physical health and their ability to earn a livelihood; • improved investor, insurer, and regulator confidence; • helping direct investment to socially responsible endeavours; • more responsive and stable supply chains. This guidance would be applicable to all types and sizes of organizations.

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    : New project registered in TC/SC work programme [20.00]
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  • ISO/TC 309
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