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Austrian Standards International – Standardisation and Innovation (A.S.I.) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (association); founded in 1920. It provides an impartial platform for the creation of standards and specifications and is gateway for Austrian experts to participate in international and European standardization (ISO and CEN).
Some 4,100 experts from companies, authorities, science, inspection bodies and non-governmental organisations participate in some 150 national Technical Committees with about 260 Working Groups. They take part in the work of nearly 90 per cent of ISO/ and CEN/TCs.

A.S.I. also gives direct access to the more than 23,000 Austrian standards (ÖNORM) including all European Standards (in English and German language), to all International Standards and to normative documents from throughout the world. It provides tools for managing standards professionally, certification (of products, services and persons), seminars and courses as well as technical literature.

Austrian Standards International is open to new approaches in standards development (e.g. co-creation and open innovation), to the subjects of the future (e.g. IoT, Industry 4.0 and blockchains) and to new co-operations and partnerships.

Austrian Standards International – Standardization and Innovation

Heinestrasse 38
A-1020 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 213 00-0
Correo electrónico:

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