ISO 21219-16:2023
ISO 21219-16:2023
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This document specifies the TPEG fuel price information and availability (FPI) application. The FPI application has been specifically designed to support information from fuel stations, such as their location, fuel types offered and fuel pricing and availability information.

The standardized delivery, via TPEG technology, of fuel price information has the following benefits for end users of a TPEG service:

a)       cost savings to the driver through improved ease of access to price information;

b)       potentially significant cost savings for fleet operators through improved ease of access to price information;

c)        environmental benefits from drivers not having to drive around to find the cheapest fuel prices;

d)       safety improvements for highways authorities, as drivers are less likely to run out of fuel if they are well-informed of local availability and prices;

e)       as availability of new fuels becomes more common, and more vehicles begin to use them (e.g. biofuels, hydrogen, etc.), drivers will be better informed about availability of fuelling stations.

The TPEG FPI application (as an add-on service component next to traffic information, for example) is laid out to support large numbers of fuel stations and fuel prices with only modest bandwidth requirements

The application described in this document (TPEG2-FPI) is not appropriate for cases where the objective is to inform electric vehicles of the location of charging stations and the availability of charging points. In such cases, the TPEG application TPEG2-EMI (electro mobility information) is chosen. This is because while TPEG2-FPI (the application described in this document) contains rudimentary support for electric charging stations, a TISA investigation revealed that a simple extension/differentiation of TPEG2-FPI is insufficient for addressing the evolving market needs of the electric vehicle market. Hence, a separate TPEG application has been created to serve the information needs of electric vehicles and their operators: TPEG2-EMI, specified in ISO/TS 21219-25.


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